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This position is to support and co-lead the education initiatives of the Centre, to teach and design workshops/classes on regulatory science that sustain the relevance of the Centre’s activities.


·         Collaborator and Co-lead on education team to advance the education initiatives 

·         Lead efforts to implement ways to improve regulatory capabilities of the region through education, teaching , communication, and Communities of Practice

·         Participate in Curriculum Committee and contribute to and guide the design of learning materials and delivery of CoRE executive workshops

·         Provide guidance to communications team to ensure our findings are disseminated in an impactful manner

·         Collaboration with the Centre’s education initiatives to implement recommendations

·         Contribute to the Centre’s applied research initiative and publication/presentation of research outcomes/recommendations.



Job Requirements

·         PhD in biomedical sciences; public health or the social sciences will be considered

·         Experience in educational approaches and teaching courses at a graduate level

·         Relevant experience in the designing, conducting and analysing of healthcare studies, or analysis of healthcare policies (including needs/ market/ landscape analyses)

·         Track record of publications and/or presentations will be an advantage

·         Experience in communication and implementation of scientific findings will be an advantage

·         Knowledge of health product regulation will be an added advantage

·         Proficient in designing education initiatives and conducting qualitative studies

·         Effective articulation of study outcomes and recommendations


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