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Recruitment Services

The key to any organisation’s success lies in having the right people in the right jobs. This makes the role of recruitment a crucial one for any company.

At Skillsforce, we offer recruitment services for permanent, contract and temporary positions. Our clients span diverse industries such as banking, engineering, pharmaceutical, service, IT and manufacturing. Employing proven recruitment methodologies customised to each company’s requirements, we have consistently achieved high success rates.



As a strategic business partner and leveraging long-term client relationships, we identify candidates with the right skills and attributes and also assess if they are of the right cultural fit. Candidates that meet these requirements will enjoy greater job satisfaction and in turn contribute to higher retention rate and increased productivity.

The Strategic Recruitment Service (SRS)

Through our engagements with clients, we recognize that there are times when HR departments are overwhelmed with a sudden increase in recruitment activities. This is more so with start-ups needing to fill numerous key positions swiftly.

To support our clients in managing such situations, we offer our expertise through customised and project-based Strategic Recruitment Service. We utilise a three-pronged approach to source for candidates by tapping our extensive database and through ads placed in job portals and newspapers.

We aim to make the recruiting process an effortless one for our clients by taking over the arduous tasks of sifting through a deluge of resumes and conducting in-depth interviews to shortlist only the best candidates. We also provide clients with candidate profiles, recruitment management reports and also help manage the resume bank. Our objective is to facilitate our clients to hire the best and most suitable talents for their organisational success.


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CV Management Service

Some companies may want to advertise job vacancies using their company logos and email accounts for the purposes of branding and publicity. However, they do not want to manage the recruitment process nor the deluge of applications received. Skillsforce, as a recruitment firm, offers the CV Management Service to meet such business needs.

Skillsforce’s CV Management Service starts from the point when our clients advertise their companies’ job vacancies. We will review all resumes received, shortlist the potential candidates for interviews and recommend the most suitable ones to our clients for the final interviews. We will also inform candidates who are eventually found unsuitable. Our CV Management Service may be conducted either on-site or off-site.


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