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Receptionist Resource Centre

A receptionist is often the first person visitors to a company will meet and holds a crucial PR role. Yet if the receptionist is suddenly unable to turn up for work or is going on leave, the company will have to deploy another staff to the reception counter. In the worst scenario, there may be no one available for stand-in. This could have a negative impact on the company’s image.



Seeing this business need for the continuity of the reception function, we initiated the ‘Receptionist Resource Centre’ service. With a ready pool of experienced and dedicated receptionists, clients could either outsource the whole reception function to us or engage us on adhoc basis.

Receptionist Operation Outsourcing

We manage the entire receptionist operation for our clients:

- Recruitment of receptionists
- Training
- Periodic review of performance
- Handle the salary/benefits administration
- Contigency provision; assign receptionists to the company as regular stand-in and provide them with advance training

Adhoc Receptionist Service

We provide adhoc stand-in receptionists to companies whose receptionists are unable to turn up for the day or have gone on leave to ensure the reception function continues to operate smoothly.

- Assign suitable receptionists to company
- Train these receptionists beforehand so that they are familiarized with the company
- Activate the same receptionists each time the company needs stand-in


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Case Study

Receptionist Operation Outsourcing
A pharmaceutical company has been outsourcing their reception function to Skillsforce for the past four years. The arrangement is to station two receptionists in the office, each performing half-day duty. This ensures that there is a receptionist on duty at all times during office hours, including lunch time. Furthermore, as the receptionists come under the management and responsibility of Skillsforce, the company does not have to worry even when a receptionist is absent as Skillsforce will assign a trained receptionist to stand-in, at no additional cost to the client.


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